Episode 8: Preseason Updates and Isles Meetup Philly

Two episodes this week! The floodgates have opened!

In this episode, I talk about some of the preseason moves the Islanders have made, roster cuts and give my opinions on everything that’s transpired so far. We speak about how players have played, the PTO given to Luca Sbisa and the controversial fourth line of Komarov, Filppula and Kuhnhackl, the defense, goaltending and how new systems can effect everything.

We also talk to Brett Kahn from @IslesMeetup_PHL and speak about the new group down there in Philly and what their plans are moving forward. Could there be another T-Shirt giveaway? Perhaps.

Also, check out the picture of Brett’s father that we spoke about during the episode:

This goes along with our on going series of Isles Meetup Groups – you can find those episodes here and here.

We also take your Twitter questions again, which proves to be a fantastic feature week after week. You guys literally blow me away with the questions, so keep it up. I really want to fire up this plan with the Discord channel as soon as possible, maybe next week sometime before the season starts.

If you stick it out to the very end of the episode, theres a special announcement that I am excited about – let me know what you think!

Thanks as always and we’ll see you in Episode 9!

Episode 7: Talking Belmont and The Coliseum With Jim Baumbach

Welcome back to another episode of The Isles Faithful Podcast!

In this episode, our 7th episode already – we talk to Jim Baumbach of New York’s Newsday as he has been covering the New York Islanders arena stories since the very beginning. Jim and I actually go way back to 2007, back to my time when I covered the Islanders on a regular basis over on my blog

Jim goes into detail on the NEW arena set to be built in Belmont, right on the border of New York City and Long Island’s Nassau County. The difference this time is that there is state land involved. The similarities involve heaps of opposition to the project, plus the literal red tape that comes with mega projects.

We also go into Transportation, other projects around the New York Area and some of the nuances involved with the Islanders playing parts of the next three seasons at their OLD home in Uniondale at Nassau Coliseum.

This type of talk isn’t for everyone, but it’s an important on-going story that seems never-ending for the New York Islanders and Islanders fans.

Please give Jim Baumbach a follow on Twitter, if you’re not already. You can also find his articles on Newsday’s website.

Thanks as always and we’ll see you in Episode 8!

Episode 6: Talking Robin Lehner with Joe Yerdon of The Athletic

This week, we were blown away with a bombshell by new Islanders goaltender Robin Lehner. Turns out, the last few years he has been suffering through an addiction, and mental illness. This all came out yesterday, in a story he wrote himself for The Athletic.

It’s worth a read, and – there’s no paywall for the article. It’s so important that they have chosen to make it free for everyone.

Mental illness is no joke, neither is addiction. Lehner does a fantastic job of speaking of all these things in this letter and I truly believe this revelation and the treatments he’s been through will make him a better person, father, husband and athlete. Which is why I asked my good friend and Buffalo Sabres writer for The Athletic, Joe Yerdon (@joeyerdon) to join me this week.

Lehner previously played for the Sabres and was known for his outbursts, his fiery personality and for his at times, stellar play. Joe goes into detail about the type of guy Robin is and what Isles fans should expect out of him as a goaltender and a person. He also speaks about his history of dealing with Robin during his time with the Sabres.

I also take your Twitter questions again them this week, and I have a small announcement as well – I have created a Discord Channel. This will be used to dedicate an entire episode, maybe once a month to YOU GUYS, Islanders Fans. The channel name is The Isles Faithful, it’s not quite live yet so keep an eye out on Twitter and Facebook for news on this.

Discord is like a chatroom, it’s also like a party line Skype. I can pick on people to speak and we’ll record the show like that if theres enough interest. It’s shaping up to be a lot of fun, at least that’s the hope anyway!

Enjoy Episode 6 and we’ll speak to you next week in Episode 7.

Episode 5: Going Beyond With Steve Wood and Isles Meetup Tampa TIF0005

September is HERE!

That means that NHL camps are just about to start, the weather is beginning to turn around and Pumpkin Spice is about to be everywhere and in every product.

With hockey just about back, we are going to be cranking up our coverage and it starts with Episode 5!

This week, we sat down with Former AHL Defenseman Steve Wood, whom I have known for 5 years now. Steve played in the Flyers organization and eventually wound up in Bridgeport for 12 games playing for Jack Capuano. You think that I would know Steve through my time covering hockey, but no – we met in Florida which you’ll hear about in the interview.

Steve tells us what life is like as a professional athlete, what it’s like to come up through the high school and prep school ranks and eventually the collegiate level as well. He references a letter he wrote when he was 7 years old and what it’s like to follow your dreams. We then talk about his latest venture, a program called Go Beyond the Ice. It’s probably the most in depth interview to date and is chock full of stories.

We also continue to look at all the Isles Meetup groups on the heels of Episode 4 when we sat down with Isles Meetup Charlotte, this time we sit with Kevin Carney of Isles Meetup Tampa (@islesmeetup_tpa).

Kevin is just starting out his group down in Tampa but goes into his former life on Long Island (New Jersey, and Charlotte) and how he came to know Mike from Islesmeetup_CLT, his Islanders fandom and what his plans are for the group. Be sure to check that out as well.

As always, we take your twitter questions again as well!

Thanks as always and we’ll see you in Episode 6!

The Isles Meetup: Talking Charlotte and Analytics TIF0004

In episode 4 we speak to Mike from @Islesmeetup_CLT and he tells us about his group down in North Carolina – its a rabid group of transplanted New Yorkers. They’ve sold 106 tickets to the Islanders-Canes home opener down there, hooked up with Yes Men Outfitters for a custom shirt for the occasion too.

We’re giving away one of those shirts here as well!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

I also speak a little about Trotz and Lamoriello recently brining up analytics which is on the heels of our episode with Reagan King of Corsisles.

We also take your Twitter questions again! Hope you enjoy it!

Contest Time! Win a Yes Men Outfitters T-Shirt!

Happy Friday Friends!

It’s been an exciting month here at The Isles Faithful. Our subscribers and listener stats are steadily growing as word spreads around. Feedback on Facebook and Twitter has been outstanding, everyone seems to enjoy contributing via Twitter with the Twitter Questions segment I have been doing each episode. I have an idea to take this further and ill be announcing that soon!

The Contest!

In the soon to be released Episode 4, I spoke to Islemeetup_CLT about their group meet at the Hurricanes home opener against the Islanders on October 4th. When we spoke to Devin from Yes Men Outfitters last week in Episode 3, he told us that he created a special shirt for the occasion. Well, I was able to secure one of these shirts to giveaway!

Here is the shirt (It’s pretty sweet if you ask me) – which will NOT be available for purchase and is exclusive to the Isles Meetup!

So what do you need to do?

  1. You need to follow us on Twitter
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All entries are weighted and will be kept track of via Rafflecopter. The contest runs from today 8/17 to next Friday 8/24.

Please enter via the widget below as your entries won’t be counted otherwise.

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The winner will be chosen at random and the standard contest rules apply. Yes Men Outfitters will ship you shirt close to the event in October.

Be sure to follow @islesmeetup_clt and @yesmenoutfitter on Twitter as well! Also checkout the IslesMeetupCLT Facebook page for more info on upcoming events!

Good luck and have fun!

The Fancy Podcast: Josh Ho-Sang Needs a Yes Men Oufitters Shirt TIF0003

In this week’s episode (episode number three!) we talk to Reagan King of and also Devin from Yes Men Outfitters.

Reagan (@ReaganKingIsles) tells us everything we need to know about fancy stats, we go into details on how stats are recorded, what they mean and some of the history behind the numbers. We also go into detail about what these different stat lines mean for individual players and how that could potentially land which players on what lines or how they could compliment each other. We do the same for the defense and go into some of the new stats recorded for goaltenders as well – something we both feel that Trotz, Korn and Greco will sort out as the season progresses.

Devin (@YesMenOutfitter) and I talk about his company – Yes Men Outfitters, how he started the company and what his plans are for it, how he came up with the name and what some of his products are like. We talk about the crazy demand of the Say My Name and Kid Who Won The Calder shirts. We also spoke about his plans to go down to Carolina to meet up with the group IslesMeetup_CLT for the Canes home opener against the Islanders. He’s even bringing some of his attire, and a special shirt as a giveaway for the trip! Tickets are going fast if you’re interested!

We also take your Twitter questions again, something that’s been a great time to date – it’s been a fun episode, let us know what you think in the comments, on Facebook and on Twitter!



The Culture Club: Not Your Father’s Islanders TIF0002

The Culture Club

No – not the Boy George led band of the 1980’s and not even the awesome Club in Downtown Manhattan that bares the same name. We are talking about the culture club WITHIN the New York Islanders.

Let’s take it back a few months here.

Clean out Day, April 9th 2018 – An unshaven and honestly disheveled looking Garth Snow feebly addresses the media, Doug Weight, with a sour look on his face attempts to do the same. Jon Ledecky reads, angrily – from a pre-written letter claiming that ownership and the team has let fans down. This is months following a billboard that was erected in Brooklyn, begging for the GM to be fired.

It was just awkward, and honestly pretty confusing. It turns out, both Snow and Weight were lame ducks at that table that day in April.

Things would eventually progress pretty rapidly afterwards  – Lou Lamoriello wouldn’t be extended in Toronto. He winds up on Long Island, is named President of Hockey Operations and is given full autonomy by ownership.

Stop the presses! Autonomy! What’s that? Well, we would come to find out for sure.

Lou started doing Lou type things. Leaks, they stopped. The culture, well he took it straight on and in one swoop – out with the old. It’s what he does, right? Garth Snow and Doug Weight were removed as General Manager and Head Coach in the same afternoon on June 9th. Just like that, he ripped the bandaid off when nobody was even looking.

As we move forward, Lou stated he was going to hire “the best coach available” and all signs were pointing to coaches without jobs – nobody expected a coach playing for and ultimately winning the Stanley Cup to reach a contract impasse with his team, the Washington Capitals, right? No, I didn’t – you didn’t, but Lou probably knew something and Barry Trotz was signed to a contract with the Islanders on June 21st.

Just like that – the culture tide was changing.

Lou would then go and add Steve Pellegrini, formerly of the New Jersey Devils as Assistant GM.

Fire assistants Greg Cronin, Kelly Buchberger, and Luke Richardson – all Weight’s guys. Curiously he would leave the Bridgeport staff as untouched….

Hire long time Trotz Assistant Lane Lambert as well as John Gruden (who’s story is extremely interesting and worth a read, too).

And then, they would let go of Goaltending coach – Fred Brathwaite in order to hire former Toronto Marlies tendy coach – Piero Greco, and following that up with the goalie whisperer in Mitch Korn as Director of Goaltending. Keep in mind both of these goalie guys are fresh off winning their leagues respective championships.

So, to summarize – Every losing coach was canned and they brought in proven winners. Even Gruden has won at the levels he’s coached. We have Trotz and Lambert that will install their own systems and evaluate talent. We have Greco who will work with Robin Lehner and Thomas Greiss and without a doubt work better numbers into their play. Gruden will work magic with the kids, or at least I assume that’s the hope.

In these sweeping changes, Lou Lamoriello has installed a system of accountability, proffessionalism and respect that the Islanders as an organization have not seen in a really long time. What they can do with the roster they have obviously remains to be seen, but the things coming out of the players mouths at this point have been really positive.

It makes for exciting offseason talk, at the very least.

I also took some Twitter questions for the podcast – just to try to involve some of you fine folks in the discussions. Let’s take a look!



Hope you all enjoyed Episode Two!



The Isles Faithful: Pilot Episode TIF0001

Show Notes:

Good evening. today is July 28th 2018 and welcome to the pilot episode of The Isles faithful Podcast!

I am your host, Michael Schuerlein – and you may know me best from my Twitter @islesblogger and my blog,

For those of you that may not know me, I have been blogging about the NHL and the New York Islanders since 2007. I was one of the founding members of the Islanders Blog Box and have experienced a fair share amount of stuff over the years.

I got into writing because of my love for automobiles believe it or not. I was a active member of a Ford Truck Enthusiast site, became a moderator and eventually a webmaster because I knew web design. The got purchased by a magazine, and I started writing because they asked me to cover the SEMA Show in Las Vegas my first year attending. What started as a 1000 word blurb, turned into the main feature of the magazine that month, and the rest was history. I wrote quite a bit for the magazine over the years before it ended sometime in 2009.

Fast forward a bit, I got involved with an automotive TV show that was a spin off of the magazine – which started as a Youtube Channel by my fiend Chris Duke. That little show is now shown across various media platforms across the world, has a large following across social media and is a real driving force behind why I still write. I was the social media manager for the show for two years too, before my wife and I had our daughter and had to take a step back.

Back to the Islanders and my blog – I have written for my own site, I was the featured columnist for The Bleacher Report for some time, I have collaborated with Lighthouse Hockey, Pucks on Broadway, Hockeybuzz, ESPN, Yahoo and even I’ve been on Islanders TV, Newsday, News 12 – and a variety of other places across the web. It’s been a fun ride.

I have always felt the drive to do MORE and The Isles Faithful is just that. My attempt to bring something completely different. When “he who shall not be named” penned his letter and spoke about the fans as The Isles Faithful – I knew I had a name.

I plan on brining you my hot takes (ha I’m only kidding…) I plan on bringing you my unique perspective – sprinkled in with opinion and stories from across the web in a way only I can provide. I’ll even have some special guests like I have over on my blog – which may or may not include current mainstream media, bloggers and past and present players. I know that’s a big reach – but I have big plans for this podcast.

I am aiming to stick around the 30 minute mark to start, but that is always subject to change.

This is The Isles Faithful Podcast, I’m Michael Schuerlein – thanks for listening!

Podcast Intro: Give a Listen

Hello Isles fans!

Been playing around with Garage Band and wanted to give a sneak peak at what the intro for the podcast sounds like so far. I posted recently that I paid a voice actor to lend voice to the intro to keep things professional sounding – I think it sounds good at this point. I have a few more ideas, but this is a starting point and obviously things could continue to evolve as we move along. I did submit a request to change my name pronunciation – as it was my fault I didn’t choose wisely phonetically….

I do have an awesome Isles chant/YES YES YES that @gwenisles sent me yesterday, but I’m not sure if it needs it or not. You be the judge, I have listened to about 20 different Podcast intros over the last week.

Give a listen below, let me know what you think!


I will most likely be recording episode one tonight, keep an eye out on Twitter, Instagram an our Facebook Page!